Colors We Have Produced


Standard Colors

Standard colors would include creams, fawns, brindles and pied variations of these colors.

Blues and Chocolates

Blue french bulldogs possess a rare gene that dilutes the black coat color resulting in a beautiful blue gray coat.  The blue color can range from light gray to an almost dark charcoal color.  Blues can be full blue brindle, blue fawn, blue pied, and more.  A chocolate frenchie will have a chocolate brown coat and light colored eyes.  Like the blues, the chocolate coat can vary from dark chocolate to a light milk chocolate color.

Blue & Tans

A rare and highly popular color resulting from a gene which is naturally occurring but less common in french bulldogs.  The appearance of this coat is very distinctive and one of our favorite colors.  


Perhaps the most rare and desirable color in french bulldogs.  We have produced several lilacs with beautiful pink champagne colored coats, purple tones around the nose, eyes and mouth, and light colored eyes.  Lilacs are produced by the combination of the blue (diluted) and chocolate genes.  It is difficult to understand just how beautiful and striking these dogs are until you see one in person.